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Chairpersons and Members
Title Name Phone Number
UpClose&Personal Photo Committee
Developing Committee
Aaron Winkler 665-7391
The Peace Picture Committee Adam Hardin 785x5619
Photo Major Committee Brianne Fulton 785x5508
Night Photo Committee Jovee Henehan 785x5460
Webmaster Ken Noto 665-7418
The Abstract Committee Mark Durst -
Nature Committee Matthew Patten -
Black&White Photo Committee Matthew Williams -
Candid Picture Committee Niroshini Perera -
Digital Photo Committee Priya Kambli 785x4585
Snapshot Committee Sara Swenson -
Philanthropy Committee Sitinga Kachipande -
Money Machine Committee
Tinia Gray 626-3376
A J Lawrence -
Amelia Nicholson -
Bernadette Batliner -
Beth Kelly 785x5093
Holly Dockins 785x5425
Katie Cernuto 785x5602
Kristalyn Shinn -
Ndidi Okanu -
Photo Club Advisor ? ?

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